Reservation Types

Reservation Types

In AerScheuler, users can create reservations of different types to manage various aspects of flight operations. Below are the supported reservation types:

Solo Reservations

Solo reservations are designed for students or instructors who intend to fly an aircraft individually. These reservations do not involve dual instruction.

Dual Reservations

Dual reservations are suitable for both students and instructors who will fly the aircraft together. These reservations offer an optional "Instruction Type" field, which is used to track the content of the instruction provided. Instruction types also affect the billing rate for instructors (if applicable).

Ground Reservations

Ground reservations cater to students and instructors who require ground instruction rather than in-flight training. These reservations facilitate scheduling for ground-based training sessions.

Simulator Reservations

Simulator reservations are intended for students and instructors who need access to flight simulators for training purposes. These reservations help manage simulator availability for training sessions.

Rental Reservations

Rental reservations are available for users who wish to rent aircraft for personal use. These reservations allow renters to schedule and reserve aircraft for their specific needs.

Maintenance Reservations

Maintenance reservations are reserved for technicians or administrators. They are used to block aircraft availability during maintenance activities, ensuring that aircraft are not scheduled while undergoing maintenance or servicing.

Please choose the appropriate reservation type that aligns with your specific needs when creating reservations in our software. Each reservation type is tailored to support different aspects of flight operations, making it easy to manage and schedule resources efficiently.