Roles in AerScheduler

AerScheduler offers a flexible role-based system that empowers organizations to efficiently manage their personnel. These roles determine user permissions and responsibilities within the platform. Currently, we support the following personnel types:

  • Instructor
  • Student
  • Renter
  • Technician
  • Dispatcher
  • Administrator
  • Owner

Role Assignment

Users can possess multiple roles simultaneously or none at all. Role assignment takes place when sending an invitation to join your organization. Additionally, roles can be modified by accessing a user's profile. However, only administrators have the authority to edit roles.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Student: Students can fly solo and with an instructor.

  2. Instructor: Instructors have the privilege to fly with students, guests, and alone. They can create reservations for any student. If the organization has enabled it, instructors can manually send invoices and renew currencies for others.

  3. Renter: Renters can operate planes independently.

  4. Technician: Technicians are responsible for scheduling planes for maintenance, managing squawks, and setting maintenance reminders. They also have access to squawk and maintenance reports.

  5. Dispatcher: Dispatchers are capable of scheduling for anyone in the organization. If enabled by the organization, dispatchers can manually send invoices and renew currencies for others. They have access to reservation, squawk, and maintenance reports.

  6. Administrator: Administrators possess comprehensive privileges within the system, except for modifying billing settings, which is exclusive to owners. Administrators can edit roles for all users but cannot revoke owner status.

  7. Owner: Owners have full control and authority over the organization's AerScheduler account. They can perform all functions and make high-level decisions.

Reservation Access

Please note that to participate in a reservation, users must hold one of the following roles: student, renter, or instructor.


While guests are not a distinct personnel type, they can be incorporated into the organization through guest reservations or manual invoice creation. We anticipate introducing additional features related to guests in the future.

AerScheduler's role-based system ensures that personnel can efficiently fulfill their responsibilities within the organization while maintaining flexibility for future growth and feature expansion.