Paying Invoices

Paying Invoices in AerScheduler

AerScheduler simplifies the process of paying invoices, offering users and guests convenient options for settling outstanding bills. This page provides an overview of how users can pay their invoices within AerScheduler, ensuring a seamless payment experience.

Invoice Access

User Invoices

  • User Dashboard: Users can access their invoices from their personal dashboard within AerScheduler. Here, they can review their outstanding invoices and select the one they wish to pay.

  • Payment Options: Users can choose from various payment methods, including credit cards, ACH accounts, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. AerScheduler leverages Stripe to securely process these payments, ensuring the safety of sensitive financial information.

Guest Invoices

  • Email Notification: When an invoice is sent to a guest, they receive an email notification containing a link to pay the invoice online. This email provides guests with a convenient way to settle their bills promptly.

  • Admin or Instructor Assistance: In certain situations, an admin or the instructor who created the invoice can assist guests in making their payments. They can access the invoice within AerScheduler and facilitate the payment process if necessary.

Voiding Invoices

Administrative Control: Administrators within AerScheduler have the ability to void invoices that may have been generated accidentally or erroneously. This feature provides administrative control over the invoicing process, ensuring the accuracy and integrity of financial records.

Refunding Invoices

Refund Process: In situations where a refund is required, it can be processed through your Stripe dashboard. Stripe, our trusted payment processing partner, handles refunds efficiently and securely.

Stripe Dashboard: To initiate a refund, log in to your Stripe dashboard, locate the specific payment transaction associated with the invoice, and follow the steps to issue a refund. This process ensures that refunds are managed in compliance with payment industry standards and regulations.

Future Enhancements

AerScheduler is committed to ongoing improvement and innovation. In the future, we plan to introduce additional features that allow organizations to customize payment methods and restrict certain options to minimize processing fees. These enhancements will provide organizations with greater control over their invoicing and payment processes.

With AerScheduler's easy-to-use payment options, users and guests can settle their invoices quickly and securely. Whether paying from their personal dashboard or via email links, our platform ensures a hassle-free payment experience, while safeguarding sensitive financial data through trusted payment processing services.