Managing Currencies

Managing Currencies in AerScheduler

Currencies are a powerful feature within AerScheduler, allowing organizations to regulate who can operate specific resources. Below, we will provide an overview of how currencies work and the key components that define them.

Understanding Currencies

Currencies in AerScheduler encompass various elements, including user groups, resource groups, document types, renewal rules, and expiration rules. Let's explore each of these components:

  • User Groups: User groups (opens in a new tab) play a crucial role in defining which users are affected by a particular currency. While most currencies apply to all users, some may be specific to certain user groups, granting organizations greater flexibility.

  • Resource Groups: Resource groups (opens in a new tab) help determine the currencies required to reserve specific resources. For instance, if you have a resource group for multi-engine planes, you can create a currency specifically for those planes.

  • Document Types: Document types are essential for assessing the validity of a currency. If a user possesses the required document but it is expired, the currency is considered expired. Missing documents must be uploaded to maintain current currency status.

  • Renewal Rules: Renewal rules dictate who can renew a currency. If the currency requires specific documents, renewal is contingent on uploading these documents. Expired documents must be archived, and new ones must be uploaded. Administrators can manually renew currencies, but renewal rules can also grant renewal permissions to instructors, dispatchers, or users themselves.

  • Expiration Rules: Expiration rules determine when currencies must be renewed. If document types are involved, currency expiration aligns with document expiration. Additionally, you can set specific expiration dates or intervals (e.g., days, months) that trigger currency expirations.


AerScheduler includes built-in notification features to keep users informed about currency statuses:

  • Warning Notifications: Users receive warning notifications in advance of currency expiration to ensure they have ample time to renew.

  • Expiration Notifications: Upon currency expiration, users are promptly notified, emphasizing the importance of currency renewal.

Leveraging Currencies

Currencies are a fundamental tool within AerScheduler, enabling organizations to manage resource access and user qualifications effectively. By defining user groups, resource groups, document types, renewal rules, and expiration rules, you can tailor currency management to suit your organization's needs.

For more detailed information on configuring and managing currencies in AerScheduler, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Thank you for choosing AerScheduler to streamline currency management within your organization.