Resource Dashboard

Resource Dashboard in AerScheduler (Administrators Only)

The Resource Dashboard in AerScheduler is a powerful tool designed exclusively for administrators to gain resource-specific insights and analytics. This dashboard allows administrators to track and manage various aspects related to a specific resource, including payments, flight time, unresolved squawks, reservations, and more. This documentation outlines the available widgets and features on the Resource Dashboard.

Available Widgets

1. Payments

The "Payments" widget displays the total payments made using the selected resource. It provides a financial overview of the revenue generated through reservations involving this resource. Administrators can customize the date range to analyze payment trends.

2. Flight Time

The "Flight Time" widget showcases the cumulative flight time logged for the selected resource. Administrators can track the flying activities associated with this resource over a specified period.

3. Unresolved Squawks

For aircraft resources, the "Unresolved Squawks" widget highlights any outstanding squawks or maintenance issues related to the resource. Administrators can stay informed about maintenance requirements and take necessary actions.

4. Flight Hours

The "Flight Hours" widget offers detailed insights into the flight hours associated with the selected resource. Administrators can view flight hour data within specific date ranges to assess resource utilization.

5. Reservations List

The "Reservations List" widget provides a comprehensive list of reservations that involve the selected resource. Administrators can review reservation details, including dates, users, and statuses, for effective resource management.

6. Unpaid Invoices

The "Unpaid Invoices" widget displays a list of unpaid invoices specifically related to reservations using the selected resource. Administrators can track outstanding payments and follow up on overdue invoices.

7. Reservations Completed vs. Scheduled

This widget offers a comparison between completed and scheduled reservations for the selected resource. It helps administrators gauge the resource's availability and reservation completion rates.

Customization and Date Ranges

Each widget on the Resource Dashboard can be customized to display data within specific date ranges. Administrators can tailor the widgets to their preferences and analyze historical and real-time information for resource optimization.

The Resource Dashboard serves as a valuable tool for administrators responsible for resource management within the organization. It provides data-driven insights and analytics to enhance resource utilization, financial tracking, and maintenance management.

Administrators can access the Resource Dashboard to view and interact with these widgets, facilitating effective resource management and decision-making processes within AerScheduler.