User Dashboard

User Dashboard in AerScheduler

The User Dashboard in AerScheduler provides a personalized space for individual users to track their performance and activities within the organization. Both administrators and users themselves can access this dashboard. This documentation outlines the widgets available on the User Dashboard and how users can utilize them to monitor their key metrics.

Available Widgets

1. Payments

The "Payments" widget allows users to view a how much money they have invested into their flight training.

2. Flight Time

The "Flight Time" widget displays the total flight hours logged by the user. It provides insights into the user's flying activities, and users can customize the date range for analysis.

3. Instruction Given (if applicable)

For users who serve as instructors, the "Instruction Given" widget showcases the total instruction hours provided to students or other users. Users can specify date ranges to track their teaching activities.

4. Instruction Received (if applicable)

If a user receives instruction, the "Instruction Received" widget presents the total instruction hours received. It helps users monitor their progress and training.

5. Flight Hours

The "Flight Hours" widget offers a detailed breakdown of flight hours logged by the user. Users can specify date ranges to analyze their flight time data.

6. Reservations List

The "Reservations List" widget provides a comprehensive list of reservations made by the user. Users can review reservation details, including dates, resources, and statuses. Customizable date ranges allow for precise reservation tracking.

7. Unpaid Invoices

The "Unpaid Invoices" widget displays a list of invoices that are awaiting payment by the user. Users can stay informed about outstanding invoices and take necessary actions.

8. Reservations Completed vs. Scheduled

This widget offers insights into the user's reservation history, differentiating between completed and scheduled reservations. It provides a snapshot of reservation completion rates.

Customization and Date Ranges

Each widget on the User Dashboard can be customized to display data within specific date ranges. Users can tailor the widgets to their preferences and analyze historical and real-time information to make informed decisions about their activities.

The User Dashboard serves as a valuable tool for users and administrators alike to monitor and manage various aspects of their engagement within the organization. By leveraging the insights provided by these widgets, users can optimize their performance, stay organized, and maintain financial clarity.

Both administrators and individual users can access the User Dashboard to view and interact with these widgets, enhancing the user experience within AerScheduler.