The Directory feature in AerScheduler enables you to control the visibility of your organization and its resources within the AerScheduler community. This page provides an overview of how to use the Directory and make informed choices about the visibility of your organization and resources.

Organization Visibility

Public Organizations

  • Public Mode: By enabling Public Mode for your organization, you make it discoverable to other AerScheduler users. This means that users searching for organizations can find yours and reach out to you.

  • Privacy Control: At any time, you can switch your organization back to Private Mode, limiting its visibility to only those within your organization.

User Visibility

Public User Profile

  • Personal Visibility: You have the option to make your own user profile public. This allows other users to find you through the AerScheduler Directory.

  • User Privacy: If you prefer to maintain a private profile, you can disable the public visibility option.

Resource Visibility

Public Resources

  • Resource Visibility: When your organization is in Public Mode, you can choose to make your resources public as well. This feature allows other users to search for and view the resources you offer.

  • Privacy Control: If you decide to limit visibility, you can make your resources private at any time.

The AerScheduler Directory empowers you to manage the visibility of your organization, user profile, and resources, providing flexibility to connect with other users or maintain a more private presence within the community.