Resource Groups

Resource Groups in AerScheduler

Resource Groups in AerScheduler serve as a valuable tool for organizing and managing resources within your organization. These groups allow administrators to efficiently categorize resources, automate group memberships, and lay the groundwork for future functionalities. This documentation provides an in-depth look at the features and capabilities of Resource Groups within AerScheduler.

Key Features of Resource Groups

AerScheduler's Resource Groups offer several key features:

  • Group Creation: Administrators can create resource groups to categorize resources based on their characteristics or purpose.

  • Resource Selection: When creating a resource group, administrators can manually select resources to include in the group, providing precise control over group membership.

  • Automations: Resource Groups support automation rules that automatically add resources to the group based on their type, simplifying group management.

  • Resource Types: Automation rules can add resources to groups based on their type, including planes, simulators, and classrooms.

  • Automation Prioritization: Automation rules take precedence over manual resource selections, ensuring that resources meeting the criteria are added to the group.

  • Manual Management: Manual action is required to remove resources from groups when their characteristics change.

Creating and Managing Resource Groups

To effectively use Resource Groups in AerScheduler, follow these steps:

  1. Access Resource Groups: Log in to your AerScheduler account as an administrator and navigate to the "Resource Groups" section.

  2. Create Resource Groups: Start by creating a new resource group by providing a name and description that reflects the purpose of the group.

  3. Resource Selection: Manually select resources from your organization to include in the resource group. This allows for precise control over group membership.

  4. Automation Rules: Configure automation rules for the group by selecting criteria such as adding planes, simulators, or classrooms to the group.

  5. Automation Prioritization: Keep in mind that automation rules take precedence over manual resource selections. Resources meeting the criteria will be added to the group automatically.

  6. Manual Management: Remember that manual action is necessary to remove resources from groups when their characteristics no longer match the criteria.

Benefits of Resource Groups

Utilizing Resource Groups in AerScheduler offers several advantages for organizations:

  • Efficient Categorization: Group resources efficiently for reporting, reservations, and future features.

  • Automation Simplification: Automate the process of adding resources to groups based on their type, reducing manual effort.

  • Resource-Type Organization: Organize resources based on their type, making it easier to track and manage specific resource categories.

  • Future Feature Readiness: Prepare for future functionalities and features that may leverage resource groups.

Streamline Resource Management

Resource Groups in AerScheduler provide a powerful tool for organizing and managing resources within your organization. Whether it's for reporting, reservations, or future feature enhancements, Resource Groups offer a streamlined way to categorize resources and ensure efficient group management.

Stay prepared for future feature enhancements that will further leverage Resource Groups to enhance organizational capabilities within AerScheduler.