Reservation Procedures

Reservation Procedures


Our reservation procedures enhance the reservation management process for pilots by allowing them to perform essential actions after creating a reservation. These actions include:

  1. Ramping Out (For Aircraft Only)

    • This step applies exclusively to aircraft reservations.
    • Pilots are prompted to input the hobbs and tach time of the aircraft, which will be used to calculate the aircraft's usage during the flight.
  2. Ramp In (For Aircraft Only)

    • Like the "Ramping Out," this step is specific to aircraft reservations.
    • Pilots must provide the updated tach and hobbs time of the aircraft.
    • Additional options may include updating the remaining fuel level and specifying the aircraft's current location.
  3. Briefing Time (Instructional Time)

    • If instruction time was part of the reservation, pilots can include briefing time before the flight.
    • This step allows for precise tracking of instructional hours separate from flight hours.
  4. Completion Verification

    • In the final step, all personnel associated with the reservation, including pilots, are required to provide their PINs for verification.
    • Once all PINs have been provided, the reservation is marked as completed, and the system generates an invoice if applicable.


Our reservation procedures streamline the post-reservation process for pilots, ensuring accurate tracking of aircraft usage, instructional time, and invoicing. It also enhances data integrity by requiring verification before completing the reservation, providing a seamless and professional user experience tailored to aviators.