Squawks in AerScheduler

Squawks are a valuable feature in AerScheduler, specifically designed for aircraft management. Squawks allow users to report and manage issues, discrepancies, or observations related to aircraft conditions. This documentation provides an in-depth overview of Squawks, including how to create, verify, resolve, and track them within the AerScheduler platform.

Key Features of Squawks

AerScheduler's Squawks feature offers several key functionalities:

  • Reporting Issues: Users can report issues or observations related to aircraft conditions, ensuring that potential problems are documented.

  • Aircraft Association: Each Squawk requires a title, selected aircraft, and a description to provide essential context and details.

  • Verification and Resolution: Technicians and administrators have access to view and manage all reported Squawks, including verifying their accuracy and resolving them once the issues are addressed.

  • Archiving: Resolved Squawks are archived, allowing users to maintain a historical record of aircraft issues and their resolutions.

  • Squawk Report: A dedicated Squawk Report page allows users to access and review historical Squawks for reference.

  • Tracking Information: Each Squawk includes information on who reported it, when it was verified, when it was resolved, the associated aircraft, and its creation date.

Creating and Managing Squawks

To effectively use Squawks in AerScheduler, follow these steps:

  1. Report a Squawk: Users can report a Squawk after ramping in an aircraft, visiting the aircraft's dedicated page, or using the "Plus" action button on the bottom navigation bar (mobile).

  2. Provide Details: When reporting a Squawk, users should provide a title, select the relevant aircraft, and provide a detailed description of the issue or observation.

  3. Verification and Resolution: Technicians and administrators can access the list of reported Squawks, verify their accuracy, and resolve them when appropriate.

  4. Archiving: Resolved Squawks are archived, ensuring that a record of past issues and their resolutions is retained.

Benefits of Squawks

Squawks in AerScheduler offer several advantages for aircraft management and maintenance:

  • Issue Documentation: Squawks provide a systematic way to document and track issues, ensuring that aircraft conditions are properly recorded.

  • Timely Resolution: With Squawks, issues can be promptly addressed and resolved, contributing to aircraft safety and reliability.

  • Historical Record: The archiving of resolved Squawks maintains a historical record of past issues and their resolutions, facilitating future reference.

  • Enhanced Safety: By addressing and documenting issues, Squawks contribute to enhanced safety and aircraft reliability.

Streamline Aircraft Management

Squawks in AerScheduler are a valuable tool for managing aircraft conditions and addressing issues efficiently. Whether it's for reporting discrepancies or tracking resolutions, Squawks offer a streamlined way to maintain aircraft safety and reliability.

Stay prepared to leverage Squawks in AerScheduler for effective aircraft management and maintenance.