Managing Documents

Documents in AerScheduler

Documents play a crucial role in managing compliance, tracking currency requirements, and ensuring that users within your organization meet specific criteria. AerScheduler provides a comprehensive document management system that allows administrators to define document types, set expiration rules, and more. This page will guide you through the essential aspects of managing documents within AerScheduler.

Document Types

AerScheduler allows administrators to create and configure document types tailored to your organization's needs. Document types serve as templates for the documents users are required to provide or update. Key attributes of document types include:

  • Name: A descriptive title for the document type (e.g., Pilot License, Medical Certificate).

  • Upload Requirement: Administrators can choose whether they want to upload documents themselves or allow users to upload them directly.

  • Expiry: Administrators can determine if a document should have an expiration date. If enabled, users must provide an expiry date when uploading the document.

  • Warning Reminder: Administrators can specify the number of days before a document's expiration when a warning reminder notification should be sent out to users.

Currency and Document Management

Documents are an integral part of tracking currencies within AerScheduler. They serve as evidence that users meet specific requirements, such as medical certifications or training records. To understand how documents are used for currencies, refer to the Managing Currencies (opens in a new tab) documentation page for detailed information.

Benefits of Document Management

  • Compliance: Ensure that your organization complies with regulatory requirements by tracking essential documents.

  • Currency Tracking: Seamlessly manage and track currency requirements for users, ensuring that qualifications are up-to-date.

  • Notifications: Set up warning reminders to alert users when their documents are nearing expiration.

  • Administrative Control: Administrators have the flexibility to configure document types and manage document-related processes.

Document management in AerScheduler streamlines compliance tracking, currency management, and ensures that your organization's personnel meet essential qualifications. It's an essential tool for maintaining a high level of safety and operational readiness.