Resource Types

Resource Types in AerScheduler

AerScheduler offers versatile resource management capabilities to cater to a wide range of needs. Currently, we support three primary resource types: planes, simulators, and classrooms. Each resource type serves a distinct purpose within your organization's operations.


Planes are a fundamental resource type for flight scheduling and training. They come with several properties that provide essential details for tracking and managing your aircraft:

  • Tail Number: A unique identifier for the aircraft.
  • Year: The manufacturing year of the aircraft.
  • Make: The aircraft's manufacturer.
  • Model: The specific model of the aircraft.
  • Hobbs Time: A measure of the aircraft's total engine running time.
  • Tach Time: An alternative measure of engine running time.
  • Category/Class: Aircraft classification based on regulations (e.g., single-engine, multi-engine).
  • Fuel Measurement: The unit of measurement for fuel (e.g., gallons, liters).
  • Rate: The cost associated with reserving the aircraft.

These properties enable precise tracking and reporting of aircraft-related information, helping you efficiently manage your fleet.


Simulators are essential for training and proficiency testing. They come with their set of properties, which include:

  • Name: A descriptive name for the simulator.
  • Hobbs Time: Similar to aircraft, a measure of the simulator's total usage time.
  • Tach Time: An alternative measure of usage time.
  • Rate: The cost associated with reserving the simulator.

Simulators are valuable tools for enhancing training programs and optimizing resources.


Classrooms are dedicated spaces for ground instruction and briefings. They have a straightforward property:

  • Name: A user-friendly name for the classroom.

Classrooms are essential for conducting ground instruction sessions and ensuring a well-rounded training experience.

Expanding Capabilities

At AerScheduler, we are continually enhancing our resource management capabilities to provide organizations with more detailed and tailored options. This commitment allows organizations to adapt and align resource management with their specific needs and requirements.

With the ability to filter resources by location for reports and reservation creation, AerScheduler offers a seamless and efficient resource management experience for your organization.

For more information on resource management, advanced properties, and the latest updates, please refer to our comprehensive documentation or reach out to our support team for assistance.