Squawk Reports

Squawk Reports in AerScheduler

Squawk Reports in AerScheduler offer a robust tool for organizations to monitor and manage aircraft maintenance issues efficiently. This documentation provides a comprehensive overview of Squawk Reports, including their key features and how to effectively utilize them within the AerScheduler platform.

Key Features of Squawk Reports

Squawk Reports in AerScheduler come with a set of essential features to facilitate maintenance tracking:

  • Date Range Selection: Squawk Reports allow users to specify a date range for filtering data based on when the squawk was reported.

  • Resource Filtering: You can filter squawks by specific resources, making it easy to track maintenance issues related to particular aircraft, simulators, or classrooms.

  • Resource Group Filtering: Streamline maintenance tracking by filtering squawks related to specific resource groups.

  • Location Filtering: Narrow down your report to include squawks from particular locations.

  • Squawk Status Filtering: Monitor squawks by their status, allowing you to manage open and resolved maintenance issues effectively.

Generating Squawk Reports

To generate a Squawk Report in AerScheduler, follow these steps:

  1. Select Date Range: Choose the date range for which you want to retrieve squawk data, based on when the squawks were reported.

  2. Resource Filtering: Optionally, filter squawks by specific resources, such as aircraft, simulators, or classrooms.

  3. Resource Group Filtering: Refine your report by filtering squawks linked to specific resource groups.

  4. Location Filtering: Narrow down your report to include squawks from specific locations.

  5. Squawk Status Filtering: Track maintenance issues by filtering squawks based on their status, distinguishing between open and resolved squawks.

Streamline Maintenance Tracking

Squawk Reports in AerScheduler provide organizations with valuable insights into their maintenance issues and allow for efficient tracking and management. By leveraging the customization and filtering capabilities, users can streamline maintenance tracking processes, monitor squawk statuses, and ensure timely resolution of maintenance concerns within the platform.

Use Squawk Reports to:

  • Keep a comprehensive record of maintenance issues and their statuses.
  • Prioritize and schedule maintenance tasks based on reported squawks.
  • Ensure the safety and airworthiness of your aircraft and resources.

Squawk Reports empower organizations to proactively address maintenance issues, enhance aircraft safety, and optimize resource utilization within the AerScheduler platform.