AerScheduler Onboarding Guide

Welcome to AerScheduler! Follow these steps to set up your organization and get started with our flight school management software.

Create an Organization

To begin, create your organization profile. This is the foundation of your AerScheduler account, where you'll manage all your flight operations.

Add Locations (If Applicable)

If your organization has multiple locations, add them to your organization. This helps you manage resources and schedules for each location efficiently.

Add Resources

Add your aircraft, simulators, and classrooms as resources in the system. These are the key assets you'll schedule and manage.

Create Maintenance Reminder Templates

Set up maintenance reminder templates and attach them to your resources. This ensures timely maintenance and compliance with safety regulations.

Create Instruction Types

Define different instruction types offered by your flight school. Users can select these types when making training reservations.

Create User Groups

Create user groups for efficient tracking of currency, reporting, and future features. Organize users based on roles or responsibilities within your organization.

Create Resource Groups

Set up resource groups to streamline currency tracking, reporting, and other future features related to your resources.

Create Document Types

Define document types to track and store essential documents for your users. This simplifies document management and compliance.

Create Currency Types

Create currency types specific to your organization's needs. These are used to monitor and maintain currency records effectively.

Invite Users

Invite users to join your organization on AerScheduler. Collaborate seamlessly and grant them access to the features they need.

Congratulations! You've completed the initial setup steps. Your organization is now ready to benefit from AerScheduler's comprehensive flight school management capabilities.