Generating Invoices

Generating Invoices

In Aerscheduler, invoices are an essential part of managing financial transactions. Here's an overview of how invoices are generated and managed:

Automatic Invoice Generation

When billing is enabled, invoices are automatically generated and sent out after a reservation is completed. The invoice amount is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Usage Time: The system calculates the usage time using either hobbs or tach time, depending on your organization's configuration.

  • Instruction Rate: If applicable, the instruction rate is factored into the invoice calculation.

  • Resource Rate: The resource rate, if set, is also considered in determining the invoice total.

Manual Invoice Generation

Admins have the ability to manually generate invoices in our system. However, in the organization settings, specifically the "Configure Billing" page, you can enable dispatchers and instructors to also manually generate invoices. This feature provides flexibility in handling billing requests and allows various personnel to create invoices as needed.

Invoice Service Fee

Organizations can configure an invoice service fee from the billing settings. When this service fee is enabled, it will apply to both reservation invoices generated automatically and those created manually by admins, dispatchers, or instructors. The service fee percentage is applied to the total amount of the invoice.

Simplified Billing Workflow

Our software streamlines the billing process by automating invoice generation while also offering manual invoice creation options. Whether it's reservation-related or manually initiated invoices, the system calculates the amounts accurately and consistently. The inclusion of invoice service fees provides organizations with greater billing flexibility.

For more detailed information on configuring billing settings and managing invoices, please contact our support team for assistance.