Reservation Reports

Reservation Reports in AerScheduler

AerScheduler offers robust reporting capabilities, including the Reservation Report, designed to help organizations track and analyze reservation data efficiently. This documentation provides an in-depth overview of Reservation Reports, their key features, and how to effectively utilize them within the AerScheduler platform.

Key Features of Reservation Reports

Reservation Reports in AerScheduler come with a set of powerful features:

  • Date Range Selection: All reports allow users to specify a date range to filter data based on reservation creation dates.

  • Customizable Columns: Reports provide flexibility by allowing users to customize the columns displayed in the report, tailoring the information to their specific needs.

  • Export Functionality: Users can export the report data, making it easy to share, analyze, or archive reservation information.

  • Search and Filtering: Reports offer robust search and filtering options to quickly find specific reservation records.

Generating Reservation Reports

The Reservation Report in AerScheduler is designed to provide insights into reservations created within a specified date range. To generate a Reservation Report, follow these steps:

  1. Select Date Range: Choose the date range for which you want to retrieve reservation data.

  2. Customize Columns: Customize the columns displayed in the report to include the information relevant to your analysis.

  3. Export Data: If needed, export the report data in a preferred format for further analysis or sharing.

  4. Search and Filter: Utilize the search and filtering capabilities to narrow down the data based on criteria such as pilots, locations, resources, payment statuses, inclusion of canceled reservations, resource groups, and user groups.

Advanced Filtering Options

Reservation Reports offer advanced filtering options to refine the data according to your specific requirements. These options include:

  • Pilots: Filter reservations by pilots.

  • Locations: Narrow down reservations based on specific locations within your organization.

  • Resources: Select reservations associated with particular resources.

  • Payment Statuses: Filter reservations based on payment statuses, making it easy to track paid and unpaid reservations.

  • Canceled Reservations: Choose whether to include or exclude canceled reservations from the report.

  • Resource Groups: Filter reservations linked to specific resource groups.

  • User Groups: Refine the report to include reservations associated with particular user groups.

Analyze and Manage Reservations Effectively

Reservation Reports in AerScheduler empower organizations to gain valuable insights into reservation data, enabling informed decision-making and efficient management of reservations. By leveraging the customization, export, and filtering capabilities, users can streamline their reservation tracking processes and optimize their operational workflows.

Use Reservation Reports to analyze reservation trends, monitor payment statuses, and ensure efficient resource allocation within your organization.