Invite Users

Inviting Users to Your Organization

One of the key steps in setting up your AerScheduler account is inviting users to join your organization. This page will guide you through the process of inviting users to your organization.

Steps to Invite Users

To invite users to your organization, follow these simple steps:

  1. Organization Settings: Log in to your AerScheduler account and navigate to the "Organization Settings" page.

  2. Invite User: Click on the "Invite User" button or similar action to begin the invitation process.

  3. Enter User Information: You will be prompted to enter the following information for the user you wish to invite:

    • Email Address: The user's email address.
    • Roles: Select the specific roles the user will have when they join your organization. Roles determine permissions and responsibilities.
    • User Groups: Choose the user groups the user will be added to upon joining your organization. User groups help streamline access and resource assignment.
  4. Invitation Code: If your organization's restriction level is set to "Restricted," the user will need an invitation code to join, even if they have the code. The invitation code is automatically generated but can be updated in your organization settings.

  5. Send Invitation: After entering the user's information and specifying their roles and user groups, click the "Send Invitation" button.

  6. Confirmation: The user will receive an invitation email with instructions on how to join your organization. They will also receive the invitation code.

Organization Restriction Levels

AerScheduler offers two organization restriction levels:

  • Restricted: In this mode, an invitation is required for a user to join your organization, even if they have the invitation code.

  • Unrestricted: Under this setting, anyone with the invitation code can join your organization without requiring an invitation.

Managing User Access

Once users accept your invitations and join your organization, you can manage their access, roles, and user groups from the AerScheduler platform. Administrators have the authority to edit user roles and permissions as needed.

Inviting users to your organization is a fundamental step in setting up your AerScheduler account, ensuring that your team members have the appropriate access and responsibilities within the platform.