Calendar Overview in AerScheduler

The Calendar feature in AerScheduler is a powerful scheduling tool designed to simplify scheduling within your organization. This page provides an overview of the Calendar feature, highlighting its key functionalities and customization options.

Calendar Views

AerScheduler's Calendar offers multiple views to accommodate different scheduling needs:

  • Daily View: Allows you to view reservations and availability for resources and pilots on a daily basis.

  • Weekly View: Provides a weekly overview, helping you plan and manage schedules for the entire week.

  • Monthly View: Offers a high-level monthly view, facilitating long-term scheduling and resource allocation.

Resource and Pilot Filtering

The Calendar allows you to filter and focus on specific reservations and resources:

  • User Filters: You can filter reservations by users, including students, instructors, or renters. This feature enables you to view reservations based on user roles, streamlining scheduling for various purposes.

  • Resource Filters: Resource filtering options let you choose the type of resources you want to view, such as planes, simulators, or room resources. This helps you tailor your calendar display to the specific needs of your organization.

  • Favorites: The ability to view your favorited resources simplifies the process of accessing and scheduling your preferred resources quickly.

  • My Reservations: This filter allows you to isolate your own reservations within the calendar, providing a personalized view for better organization.

Future Enhancements

AerScheduler is committed to continually enhancing its scheduling capabilities. Future updates will include additional organization scheduling restrictions to enhance privacy and control. These restrictions will enable organizations to define who can view certain reservations, further customizing the calendar's functionality to suit specific privacy requirements.

Stay tuned for updates as AerScheduler evolves to better meet the needs of your organization's scheduling and resource management.

The Calendar feature in AerScheduler empowers you with flexible scheduling options, user-friendly views, and resource filtering, making it an invaluable tool for efficient resource and pilot management. Whether you need to plan daily activities, organize weekly schedules, or coordinate long-term plans, the Calendar is designed to streamline your scheduling processes.