Announcements in AerScheduler

Announcements in AerScheduler offer a powerful communication tool for administrators to share important updates, news, and information with all users within their organization. This feature ensures effective and timely communication, keeping everyone informed and engaged. In this documentation, we'll explore how Announcements work, their capabilities, and how administrators can utilize them to enhance communication within their organization.

Key Features of Announcements

AerScheduler's Announcement feature comes with several key features and benefits:

  • Administrative Control: Administrators have the authority to create and manage announcements, ensuring that critical information reaches all users.

  • Organization-Wide Reach: Announcements are broadcasted to all users within the organization, providing a centralized channel for communication.

  • Expiration Date: Announcements can be assigned an expiration date, ensuring that outdated information is automatically removed from users' Announcement pages.

  • Future Enhancements: While currently applicable to all users, future updates aim to enable announcements to be targeted at specific roles or user groups.

  • Note: We do not send email notifications for announcements. Only push notifications are sent for announcements.

Creating and Managing Announcements

Administrators can easily create and manage announcements within AerScheduler. Here's how to utilize this feature effectively:

  1. Create Announcements: Start by creating an announcement by providing a title, content, and optional expiration date.

  2. Publish Announcements: Once an announcement is created, it will be published to all users in the organization.

  3. Expiration Date: If applicable, set an expiration date for the announcement to automate its removal from users' Announcement pages once it becomes outdated.

Benefits of Announcements

Utilizing the Announcement feature in AerScheduler offers several advantages for organizations:

  • Timely Communication: Announcements provide a centralized and immediate channel for sharing crucial updates and information.

  • Administrative Control: Administrators can easily create, manage, and control the dissemination of announcements.

  • Expiration Automation: Set expiration dates to ensure that outdated announcements are automatically removed, maintaining relevance.

  • Future Customization: As the feature evolves, organizations will have more advanced customization options for targeted communication.

Stay Informed and Engaged

AerScheduler's Announcement feature is designed to streamline communication within organizations, ensuring that all users stay informed and engaged with the latest updates and news. Administrators can utilize this tool to enhance transparency, disseminate important information, and maintain an informed user base.

Keep an eye out for future updates that will enable even more precise and targeted communication through announcements within AerScheduler.